2580 E. Shoshone Drive - Idaho Falls, ID 83401 - 208.522.9365 (phone) - 208.529.6557 (fax), E-mail contact@divcontrol.com 


Diversified Control Solutions (DCS) operates as a fabrication, engineering, and integration company serving a nationwide base of government facilities, Industrial and food processing plants, and engineering clients.


Our electrical systems consulting services include: control and automation systems design and implementation, low and medium voltage systems, facility designs, process visualization, emergency power systems, and electrical engineering design. Our field and planning services include: lighting, MCCs, power distribution and communication. Our Automation Design includes: load management, programmable logic controller systems (PLCs), control panel specification and designs with UL Certification, and process visualization.

Diversified Control Solutions provides full functional testing, start-up services and training within the following areas:

  • Programmable Logic Controller Systems (PLCs)
  • HMI
  • Data Acquisition
  • Instrument Specification and Calibration
  • Continuous and Batch Control Systems
  • PLC & Nuclear Ventilation Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Level, Pressure, Temperature and Flow Control Systems
  • Burner Management Systems
  • Process Weighing Systems
  • Vision Inspection and Monitoring Systems
  • Man Machine / Operator Interfaces
  • Building Access Control and Security
  • Pneumatic Systems